Create your own home automation software

by Gordon Meyer

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While there are several great home automation software packages available, nothing beats the feeling of rolling your own code and creating exactly the software you need. Whether it's for a custom purpose, or just for the satification of doing it yourself, writing your own home control software may have just gotten easier.

X10 Corporation has released a free SDK for their new USB-based ActiveHome Pro automation controller. As I wrote about just a few weeks ago, the ActiveHome Pro is a brand-new update to the venerable CM11 computer-to-X10 interface that is, by far, the most commonly used controller by home automators everywhere. It's great to see X10 release the SDK in a relatively short time frame.

I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl myself, as well as seeing what others create with it. The ActiveHome Pro's support for wireless devices is quite intriguing. If you're working on a project, feel free to get in touch.

What will you create with it?


2004-10-25 07:48:32
See Gordon at Mac OS X Con
He's put together a great talk on Smart Home Hacks, and it's not until Thursday morning...
2004-11-28 18:42:17
SDK is Windows only
While the ActiveHome Professional hardware may be X10 and USB compatible, the Software is NOT OS X compatible.

Nothing in the SDK is available to anyone other than a Windows user.

They provide no documentation of any sort about the hardware, only about their Windows software program.

For the forseeable future, the ActiveHome Professional will be supported only by X10's software package.