Creating A Global PBX With Asterisk & Gizmo

by Brian McConnell

As I write this, I am in South America setting up an engineering office. I have been traveling globally for about 12 years now, and remember just ten years ago, when doing business here was very difficult, and very expensive. Now, it took me a matter of days to set up shop, and will take less than a month to have an office up and running. With Asterisk and Gizmo, we were able to build a truly global PBX, and to completely axe the requirement to buy an office phone system of any sort. We now have a business phone system that is accessible via a local call in 30+ countries, and that costs virtually nothing to operate and maintain.


Bruce Ide
2006-08-15 19:16:40
Aww this stuff is just too cool! I just got a Nokia E70 (Nokia doesn't sell them in the USA but there are a few companies that'll sell you one from elsewhere.) It's got wifi and sip on it, so when I'm on my home wifi network it registers as a SIP extension on my asterisk server. When I'm out and about I just use the regular T-mobile cell service. Calls coming in ring the phone wired up to my computer and the sip extension at the same time, then fail over to the cell service and finally to voice mail. Sip calls going out try the landline for local calls, Dundi, enum and finally my voip provider. I wanted this functionality in my phone system back in the mid 90's, and it's finally here!

I could see a setup like this saving pretty much any business with a sales and marketing division oodles of cash. The sales guy in the office behind me has to be on his cell phone 5 hours out of the day. Hmm... is that a business plan I hear brewing? :-)

Peter Yanez
2006-09-09 00:30:41
I would like to develop a global pbx system in Argentina that I could rent out to small companies throughout the world for a small monthly fee. Is this feasible? What would I need interms of support and equipment? What type of dollar investment would I need to have it up and running?

Best Regards

2006-09-28 13:40:45
Dear Sir: I am looking for a gizmo/asterisk solution without having to invest in the time/money in setting up the linux server. I completely agree with you that it's better to have "a fairly dumb call router, and let an intelligent endpoint (e.g. Gizmo) decide what to do with calls once they arrive." Are there any vendors you can recommend that have/rent the Asterisk service systems on-line? And have our Gizmo/SIP phones point to?