Creating and using multiple Libraries in Lightroom 1.0

by George Mann

This is probably the biggest question I get from Lightroom users. How do I create multiple Libraries on different external hard disk drives? And how do I move from one library to another on different hard disk drives, while using the same portable computer, in my studio or office and on location?

Well the answer is actually quite simple.


1. Open the Preferences - Select General - in Default Library click on Load most recent library (which when selected will always use the most recent library, unless you hold down the option key during startup, which will allow you to select a library) and change the setting to Promt me when starting Lightroom.


2. The Prompt me when starting Lightroom selection brings up the Select Database dialog box at start up, which allows you to chose from the library databases available or to start a new library database.


3. Enjoy.