Creating Custom iCards in .Mac

by Bakari Chavanu

Since I'm a .Mac user, I clicked over to see the new site design. First you have to get there. Login is now located under the "Mac" tab at Look for the login link in the left nav bar. The new layout is nice, but the content of .Mac is basically the same, including creating your own custom iCards if you're a .Mac member. Though there are a slew of great stock images for iCards to choose from, a photographer would of course like to use his or her own images.

Because I think my photographs are the best way to communicate with clients, I often send a relevant attached photo when I'm communicating with them. Not every email contains a photo, but ones like announcing that their photos are ready, or a thank you note after an engagement shoot, usually get a photo attached.

Custom iCards make this task a snap. From Aperture, I simply drop a preview version of a photo into the Pictures folder located in my iDisk (yes, previews on for this task), and from there sign in to my .Mac account and create a card. The instructions posted on the homepage of the site are so easy that's there's no need to repeat them here. Short messages can be typed on the cards using one of six different font styles.

The only draw back is the the little Apple stamp icon on the iCards, which may not fit the marketing objectives for some users.

Nevertheless, iCards are a great way to communicate with friends, family, and clients. And as a .Mac member, it's so easy to create them, why not to take advantage of the service?



2007-06-15 12:39:50
You can create your own iCard-equivalents (with your choice of stamps) with the $5 shareware app "Postcard" which has been out for years.

2007-06-15 17:28:32
Thanks Boris, looks like it might be the ticket.
2007-06-15 23:30:04
How do you export a preview into iDisk?