Creative White Balance

by James Duncan Davidson

Casa Batlló WallsWhile in Barcelona a few weeks ago and visiting Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló, I found myself taking pictures in a room with a very interesting balance of sunlight and tungsten light sources. In most situations, setting proper white balance means dialing in the color temperature of the primary light source so that neutral colors come out neutral. In this particular case where I was photographing sculptural white walls illuminated with two very different light sources, however, white balance became a purely creative decision. If I were limited to shooting JPG images, I could choose to shoot with a daylight white balance and let the tungsten illuminated surfaces go yellow. Or, I could choose to shoot with a tungsten white balance and let the daylight surfaces go blue. But, since I was shooting RAW, I decided to postpone the decision and determine the white balance I wanted to use in Lightroom.


2007-10-03 04:31:44
Beautiful colors and composition.
Kim G
2007-10-06 11:47:01
Duncan, the white balance slider is cool and all, but that photo is awesome!