Crop Guide Overlays

by David Miller

Cropping and/or straightening your photos can be initiated in one of three ways:

  • tapping the “r” key,
  • selecting “View” and then “Crop” from the menu, or
  • clicking the “Crop Overlay” button displayed in the command bar underneath your photos in the Develop module.

All three are equivalent. Once invoked, the command will overlay a grid of two evenly–spaced vertical and two evenly–spaced horizontal lines on your photo to make cropping your photo with the “rule of thirds” and/or straightening your photo with a plumb vertical line a snap.


2007-09-12 10:05:47

I imagine there are camera repair people that are willing to scribe removable screens on SLRs. I know of one. I had my screen for my OM4t scribed with the "rule of thirds" grid and I believe the same fellow can also scribe screens for the E-1. He might be open to scribing removable screens from other manufacturers as well. The golden spiral pattern might be a bit of a challenge though. :)

Stew Stryker
2007-09-12 11:07:53
Nice tip. I've wanted something like the Grid display occasionally.

To your closing remark:

> Now, if only camera makers could put these in the viewfinders of their SLRs…

That's one thing I miss in my new DSLR that my DSLR-wannabe (Panasonic FZ30) had, was the electronic viewfinder could cycle through various displays including a Rule of Thirds display, which I really liked.

Stew Stryker
2007-09-12 11:09:49
Now that I see Richard's comment, I'm remembering my old Olympus OM-1 had a changeable focus screen that had Rule of Thirds lines etched in it! Why did manufacturers walk away from that?
David F Miller
2007-09-12 11:12:36
That's what I'd like to know! :)
2007-09-12 16:42:59

I believe you are thinking of the 1-10 Olympus screen that has 3 horizontal and 5 vertical lines. If you wanted a true "rule of thirds" (2 vertical and 2 horizontal) you needed to have a screen custom scribed. I guess you could still locate your power points with the 1-10 though not very easily.

Allan White
2007-09-16 14:39:14
I love the LR options - ingenious.

However, I don't see the value of an inscribed viewfinder. Those lines should be "inscribed" - figuratively, of course - on our mental viewfinders from constant practice.

I suppose a digital one that could be turned off would be cool.