CrossOver promises easy Windows apps on OS X

by Giles Turnbull

CodeWeavers says it will soon be releasing a version of CrossOver for Intel Mac machines.

Relying on Wine to do most of the hard work, CrossOver Mac should allow you to install and run Windows programs without having to install a copy of Windows anywhere on your machine.

Of all the different ways of running .exe files on a Mac that have popped up in recent months, this one sounds the most appealing. It's cheaper (no need to buy a copy of Windows) and, if it actually works as advertised, offers a simpler way of working. No need to switch between different OS environments, or to reboot the machine to move from one OS to another. The apps all simply run alongside each other.

This is definitely something for Intel machine owners to keep their eyes on.


2006-07-03 14:30:59
the caveat is that only certain apps will be "allowed" to do this...if/when any (or most) windows apps were allowed, i'd be all over this.
2006-07-03 19:31:28
The problem with this is that each individual app needs to be made compatible, so the list of apps that it works for is relatively small. Although, if that list (which has not been released anywhere on their website as near as I can tell) happens to include every Windows program you need, then it definitely seems like the best solution.
2006-07-04 02:57:02
kugino, you can use it with any windows app, whether it works is another question.

zac, the list is here:

It's a database of over 1700 apps and their status in crossover.

2006-07-04 18:59:49
I went over the list of applications. Very few of them have been tested and many versions of windows applications tested (and found to run) don't work well. Nonetheless, it is a promising solution for those of us tired of wasting our time with the Windows OS.

I'm a Mac to Windows back to Mac person. I can't tell you the relief of not messing with Windows. I've told my friends and relatives I'll no more working on their Windows machines - to clean up the mess.

Tell them their next pc must be a Mac - if they have problems with a Mac I'll help them - however, I refuse to waste my time running anti-spyware anti-virus programs.

I realize that Macs won't continue their exemption from spyware and viruses, but until Microsoft gets its act together and closes their system to vulnerabilties - I just can't afford and won't go there!

2006-08-17 09:51:35
i tried installin the crossover mac alpha 2.. and it says that i need to install apple's x11. i had installed it of course. so wat is wrong? pls some body help me....