CSS and HTML links

by Bob DuCharme

Related link: http://simon.incutio.com/archive/2003/05/27/funWithLinks

Simon Willison's weblog series href='http://simon.incutio.com/categories/csstutorial/' rel="blt:Resource-good">CSS Ain't Rocket
Science includes this excellent summary of the visual control that CSS
gives you over HTML a links.

Although IE and Mozilla let us style XML files with CSS, they don't let
us assign the HTML a element's linking behavior to arbitrary
elements, which would be great. I suppose that an XML document that points to
an XSLT document that converts your own linking elements (for example, citation or footnote elements) to HTML a elements, with
a pointer to a CSS stylesheet at the top of the HTML result, gives you all the
same features to play with; that's what I did in some href='http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2003/03/05/tr.html' rel="tt:Example">demos of one-to-many
linking that I've done.

Do you know of any linking-related XML+CSS tricks?


2003-12-29 12:09:54
Test of Google's spidering of XML files
To boost the Google rank of a page I've created to test how Google's spider follows links to and from XML files, I'm adding a link to it here.