Customer Revolt Over Battery Issues?

by Tom Bridge

When I wrote last, my MacBook Pro was going into the shop for Battery Issues, and a "Heat Perception Issue." It appears, though, that I was nowhere near the only one whose battery was crapping out. Sean Bonner and Jonas Luster are all over this, and reports are flowing into their comments suggestions that it's not just Sean's friends who are having battery troubles, it's a lot deeper than that.

Battery recalls are no fun, as anyone who once upon a time had a PowerBook 5300 that burst into flame can tell you, so it's no surprise that Apple is only quietly doing replacements. There's a point where you just have to fix the issue whether or not the PR hit will be worth it. Of course, my MacBook Pro has come back with a new mobo, a new battery, heat sensor and express card cage, but the heat issue remains.

Has your battery suddenly died? Tell us your story.


Robert Daeley
2006-06-01 14:20:07
Whatever the current situation might be, unless somebody worked at a lab at Apple, their PowerBook 5300 never burst into flames. ;)

2006-06-01 15:57:15
Li-ion batteries are vulnerable to temperatures above 100ºF. Perhaps the hot-running MacBook Pros (the ones running *really* hot, not the one just hotter-than-PowerBooks) are damaging the batteries.

2006-06-01 16:21:08
"Revolt"? "all over this"? "reports are flowing"?

Dude, switch to decaf. So some number of batteries from the early production of a new product are showing some problems and Apple is taking care of them. Big deal, it happens. Call Apple and get a replacement, move on.

2006-06-02 14:04:34
My battery died a couple of weeks ago. Rang up Apple, and they shipped a new battery out the same day.
Lukas Hamilton
2006-06-02 17:29:27
Its just a manufacture error common with lithium-polymer batteries.

Example: Sony Ericsson has bin using lithium-polymer and has recalled how many batteries? (loads)

Get over it and get applecare.

By the way Steve their not Li-ion batteries, Vulnerable, or Volatile.

2006-06-04 19:07:25
Am wondering, did the mobo exchange fix the infamous whine issues when running on battery?
2006-06-06 11:25:33
gah. no powerbook 5300 did ever exlode or catch fire, unlike some dell notebooks. Apple recalled the broken batteries before anything happened.
Andrew Stones
2008-07-17 13:15:57
I have an 20 month old, fully loaded, upgraded Macbook Pro that that cost me $4300 CAN. I will never buy a Mac again.
I have had so many problems/costs related to this machine. I was unwise not to buy Applecare which would have brought the price of the machine way too close to $5,000. I never knew that Mac has so many problems with reliability !!!!!
Since I bought the machine I have had 1 power supply fail, 1 battery 9 months ago( New one is doing the same thing as I type), and one logic board replaced (with labor $1,500 Can).
I feel that my problems are because the laptop runs so hot and that this is a design flaw. I can not even put my laptop in my lap because it runs way too hot. Mac has made me pay for both the power supply and the Logic Board.
This adds $1,600 to the original cost of the machine + too many hours lost time. The total costs in less than 2 years for my Macbook Pro are close to $6,000 without loss of work time.
Any suggestions on how to tell the world about poor Mac performance?