Customizing Aperture's Web Templates

by Scott Bourne


Aperture gives photographers a chance to make quick, easy and attractive web sites full of photos. But for some photographers, the standard choices that ship with Aperture are not enough.

You can build your own templates or customize the ones that ship with Aperture if you know HTML and/or CSS. (NOTE: If you want to learn HTML or CSS, O'Reilly offers several top-notch books on this subject.)

Here's a very basic primer on how to make your own Aperture web templates.


2007-02-27 14:59:25
Cool, thanks for the tips. Do you know if third parties sell aperure themes ?
Tom Hil
2007-02-27 18:26:47
For some reason, this hasn't worked for me since vers 1.5 came out.
J Pease
2007-02-27 19:08:46
I have modified themes, that look great, if there is any interest I will post them
2007-02-28 06:01:35
Boy do we need a site dedicated to sharing web gallery tweaks. Maybe that same one for Plugin could do this as well?

I am sure Apple will modify this for ver 2.0 It's not like them to NOt offer that kind of flexibility.

Grace Blair M.D.
2007-03-03 12:02:23
I get to the Resources folder but don't find any of the Web Themes in that folder. Would they be anywhere else? They are available from the application but I have searched everywhere that I can think of to find the actual files?