Dan Gillmor Speaking on the Collision of Journalism and Technology

by William Grosso

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Okay, maybe it's bad form to plug your own stuff. And this is the second time this week that I've mentioned a project I'm involved in. But ...

This Thursday an organization I volunteer with, SDForum, is having Dan Gillmor, columnist for the San Jose Mercury News and technology commentator extraordinare. He will be speaking about "We the Media" as part of SDForum's Distinguished Speaker Series.

Here's the abstract:

What happens when anyone can make and distribute news to the whole world? In this talk, columnist Dan Gillmor previews a central theme from his upcoming book. The collision of journalism and technology is transforming the roles of newsmakers, reporters, editors, and readers, as the audience becomes an active participant in the newsmaking process.

To find out more about his talk, click here.

Any other interesting talks happening in the Bay Area over the next few weeks?