Darth Flashdrive

by Erica Sadun


I've recently been looking for a USB flash drive for my Apple TV. (A girl needs to patch her Apple TV without cracking the case, doesn't she?) And I stumbled across these little gems over the weekend. My Apple TV needs a Darth Flashdrive or an R2USB2, doesn't it? They're a wee bit pricey. The 1GB drives start at $70 and range up to $150 for 4GB. But aren't they cool?



2007-05-07 14:37:42
Seriously, that is wicked awesome. I need one to go along with my sushi drive!
2007-05-07 15:01:15
They are not a 'wee bit pricey, but way over priced.
2007-05-08 08:18:39
Count me as completely unimpressed by the look of these things. I love Star Wars but the top half of these things is so stretched that it makes them look like some kind of cheap knock off. Is there some reason that they couldn't make these look more realistic? I mean they are molded plastic. You could make them look exactly like the original if you chose to.

Have you looked at the chewbacca one? http://lab.mimoco.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=80

It looks more like a rabid dog!

I understand that the ratio is off for a tall character but R2-D2 is short and wide to begin with so the one modeled after it should look spot on.