Darwin for Intel

by Chris Coleman

Apple's new OS, Mac OS X, is currently only supported on Mac hardware; however, with today's release of Darwin 1.3.1, that may soon change.

Although the Darwin project is guided by Apple and used as the core of their new operating system, it is an open source project. Work has been underway by the open source community since release 1.0 to make Darwin available for the Intel platform. Darwin project leaders at Apple have recognized this effort and created an official binary installer for the Intel platform.

The 1.3.1 release, which synchronizes with Mac OS X 10.0 plus the current state of several projects, is now available on http://www.opensource.apple.com/

The release includes a binary installer for PowerPC, as well as for certain x86-compatible configurations. ISO images are available for both Intel and Mac hardware, but require a sizeable download and a free partition to install. This release will shortly be available on CD.
Pre-orders for Darwin on CD are available from Daemon News

The CD will contain installers for both platforms, as well as many packages as can be built prior to going to press. Work is underway on a packaging system for Darwin. Apple is endorsing the Open Packages project, which plans to unite the existing BSD ports collections into a unified project.

The Darwin Project is also releasing version 5 of the HeaderDoc project.
HeaderDoc is used to integrate documentation with source code and obtain user-friendly html viewing.