Dashboard: Yaay! -- iSync 2.0: Ack...

by Derrick Story

In my previous Tiger life that I can't talk much about, Dashboard was a nice new feature, but certainly not my favorite. Now in my current and open Tiger existence, I must say, I really like this new goodie.

I think part of my ambivalence before was because I was using the standard widgets that Apple provided. They're nice, but who really needs another clock? Now that the cat is out of the bag, there are lots of new widgets available on Apple's Dashboard page. And most of them are really cool.

OK, I'll admit that one of my favorites is the TV Tracker widget by Monkey Business Labs. (I wasn't that familiar with them before, but I sure am now. Widgets can make great promo pieces for your software company...) I hate using the on-screen channel guide provided by the cable companies. TV Tracker lets me find out instantly what's on the channels that I care about. I'll never miss the Daily Show again.

BTW: we have an article going up on Mac DevCenter today that shows you how to write your own Dashboard widget. And it's really quite easy.

On the bummer side of the Tiger upgrade, I'm having real problems syncing my Sony Ericsson T637 to iCal. I walked through the set up wizard and ran iSync. It acted as though it was updating my phone, but at the end of the process, I got an error message that my phone was out of memory.

After many retries and adjustments, I still couldn't get it to work. I had to go back to my Panther machine and resync. Thanks to Panther, I now have my data back on the phone, but still not sure what's going on with the new version of iSync.

I've read other weblogs stating similar troubles. So I have a feeling this is not an isolated problem. If you have any suggestions, please post them in the talkbacks below.


2005-05-06 16:07:45
iSync Issues
I know its of no help whatsoever, but with Tiger, I finally dumped Entourage in favour of Mail (yaay for smart folders, I can finally see my flagged mail!) and Address Book, and iSync seems most happy syncing with a Sony Z600.

As for TV tracker, I'm sad to see it using Yahoo! listings and not TV guide, so I can't use it here in the oft-sunny Bahamas... a real shame as it looks soooooo pretty!

Good luck with the iSync issue - here's hoping 10.4.1 will resolve a whole slew of our 'issues'!

2005-05-06 16:12:56
RE: iSync Issues
Funny that you mention the Entourage thing. I'm going to switch to Tiger Mail too. Really happy about it...

And I have a Sony Z600 in the sock drawer (good phone). Now that I know it works for you, I can use it for testing to possibly learn more about the situation. Thanks for the tip!

2005-05-06 20:54:47
Sony Ericsson K700i
Just a data point, worked fine with my SE K700i. They are fairly similar but K700 has more memory.
2005-05-06 23:06:51
Memory Full of ToDos
What seems to be happening (with my SE T630) is that all the completed ToDos are also transferred to the phone using up the memory space. I can't find an option to not sync completed tasks, so I will register this with Apple as a bug.
2005-05-08 10:38:37
RE: iSync Issues
Great to see people moving to Mail. The fact that the Mac has not a decent, but a great mail program that comes w/it for free, is somehow not known to most people. Now that it has Spotlight, it's amazing.
2005-07-29 19:41:02
Syncing T637 -- resolved
Late update (and you probably already know this, but what the hey) -- it seems that at some point in the updating from 10.4 to 10.4.2 and from iSync 2.0 to 2.1, the "sync all to-dos" problem has been resolved, So now I can sync from my Mac to my T637 without any problem.