Dashcode--A new WYSIWYG for Dashboard Widgets?

by Christopher Roach

I just wanted to point out quickly a couple of other blog sites that seem to have noticed a new Apple product for writing and testing Dashboard widgets. The Unofficial Apple Weblog and AppleNova Forums, to name just a few, have some sparse, but interesting information on what might be a new, very Xcode inspired, editor/WYSIWYG/debugger for Dashboard widgets.

Oh, and if you're interested there are also some pictures of the new application on Flickr as well.

If this turns out to be for real, not only does it look like we'll get a great tool for creating Dashboard widgets, but it also looks like we'll get a nice tool for general web design and javascript testing/debugging also. Cool!!!


2005-11-09 15:27:20
The sooner the better...
Dashcode must be a real product. I think I can identify voice of the demonstrator in the Dashcode demo as belonging to Tim Bumgarner, lead engineer of AppleScript Studio. (or used to be?).

Anyway, a better development environment is very welcome. Safari is a nice browser, but it is not a development tool. To find mistakes in my JavaScript code, I now turn to FireFox when Safari tells me there was an error in 'line 0' ;-)

2006-05-25 17:04:10
This looks really, really promising.