Data Center Automation

by Niel M. Bornstein

Hello again for the first time! Until now I have concentrated my postings on, but my work has lately taken me into other realms. So let me start by introducing myself to the Sysadmin crowd. I work as a Senior Architect for Novell's Systems and Resource Management Business Unit. What that means is that I spend most of my time visiting our clients' data centers and doing proofs of concept of our first data center automation (DCA) product, ZENworks Orchestrator.

Data center automation? Well, that's what the new data center is all about. It incorporates all the stuff that's hot (or cool actually) in the data center world: consolidation, virtualization, simplification, rationalization, and a bunch of other -ations. But in short, it's all about getting you a good night's sleep.


2007-04-27 10:44:05
I wouldn't say we've reached nirvana, but everything you've mentioned so far sounds to me like VMWare ESX Server. There must be more to Novell's product... ?
Not in Nirvana
2007-05-01 02:43:57
By using open source tools such as cfengine, puppet and bcfg2; which have a much better price and documentation, can be extended as they are open source, are not terribly buggy and insecure and don't force a dumbed down GUI down your throat.

2007-05-01 10:11:40
ok, well, that's not a complete sentence, let alone a complete thought.
Marian Marinov
2007-05-02 13:26:38
Cluster systems based on OpenMosix with cluster filesystems like OCFS2 or Gfarm help a lot in DCA
2007-05-20 12:44:17
Recently I read about OpenQRM ( and became very interested in it. It seems that it might have a lot in common with ZENworks. How do they compare?
2007-11-07 05:16:09
I recently attended an IT conference for the purpose of finding new ways to improve IT service. My company paid for the trip and the conference so I was pretty excited to one get out of the office for a day and two, to speak with other IT professionals and exchange ideas and share our experiences with all the different automation solutions that are out there right now.

I specifically wanted to find ways to improve application availability across the board. The network that I work with is fairly solid and reliable but with the introduction of new business software applications the network has started to slow down a bit so I was hoping to find out what other people are using to combat all the bugs and holes that new apps introduce. I came away with some good information which will hopefully help us out a bit.