Database War Stories

by chromatic

The 2006 MySQL User Conference was this week. As part of his research, Tim O'Reilly asked several Web 2.0-related companies how they use databases. If you haven't seen the posts on O'Reilly Radar, they're Web 2.0 and Databases Part 1: Second Life, Database War Stories #2: bloglines and memeorandum, Database War Stories #3: Flickr, Database War Stories #4: NASA World Wind, and Database War Stories #5: craigslist.

There's a lot for purists to hate, but given the choice between making it work and making it perfect, I'll choose the former every time, then do my best to refactor toward the latter. (More on database agility next week.)


Milion Dollar Web Hosting
2006-07-16 16:53:09
With the attempt of Oracle to buy MySQL it is a time to start writing Database Alliance Stories as well.