DataDirect Delivers the Only Certified JDBC Drivers for JBoss

by Jonathan Bruce

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I am very pleased to announce a significant advancement for anyone who works with JBoss and are rightly considering how to connect to their data sources, using the best-of-breed JDBC drivers. I think John Goodson, VP for Product Operations and Marketing at DataDirect sums it up best:

"Based on previous successes DataDirect Technologies and JBoss have enjoyed in several production environments, we are happy to formalize this relationship by certifying our drivers against JBoss middleware," added Goodson. "This is only good news for JBoss customers who need world class access to commercial databases."

Opensource continues to gain traction, but interestingly a parralell demand grows ahead of this curve driven by developer and enterprise application need to access their data in most optimized way possible. This announcement underscores how mixed-source will become and remain a compelling solution for a broad set of applications.

You can find more details about this and what it means for your development organization here.


2005-10-20 19:09:55
a press release about a press release?
This is a worrisome direction for DataDirect has some interesting products, but when they use an O'Reilly weblog to distribute press releases, others may follow, and then this is one RSS feed I'll certainly be dropping.

2005-10-20 20:10:49
a press release about a press release?
Hi Bob,

I hear and understand your concern. Please understand that was not my intention, but this annoucement was something I felt the general open-source, O'Reilly community would be interested in.

I encourage you to check back soon, as I am working on some entries that will definitly be of use.