DataLibre Update

by Steve Mallett

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Ok, yesterday was a bit of a rush of noise surrounding DataLibre so here's the update as of this morning:

  • New website that should be resolving everywhere.

  • And, a new mailing list that went up this morning. Invitations will be going out soon to join the list, but you're welcome to just join up and/or point it out to folks you think are interested in shaping the future of the semantic web. That's going to be a lot of people.

  • I've put up a to do list for the site itself, which includes setting up a CMS for it. Drupal would my first choice for this since it will be more than a weblog and is extensible. A wiki is also on the todo list.

  • The site could use a good theme for drupal so if you're a designer, which I am not, that's the first assignable 'action item' for someone other than myself. A logo would be of help as well. Something with personality.


2004-09-16 09:29:59
Not even in WHOIS
I can't even find the domain WHOIS, much less DNS.
2004-09-16 11:50:39
Not even in WHOIS
how's that working now?
2007-01-15 00:15:27
It is healthy, I shall come on your site more often, thank.