DataLibre (was: Resist A9)

by Steve Mallett

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From C|Net:

The service greatly expands on and organizes early features of A9, which launched in test form in April, to create a helm for steering personalized Web search. To this end, A9 lets people navigate, annotate and store Web pages they've visited..

A9 does allow people to make notes about other's webpages at, but that really isn't annotating a webpage is it? It locks annotations up in Amazon.

I think I may have it in for locking up information now. Resist A9/Amazon et al!

Competition is on the way! This was discussed by quite a few folks at FooCamp and it looks like I have to step up a little sooner than I was planning. is propagating slowing through DNS as I write this.

Here's a copy of the mandate until it resolves.


2004-09-17 16:54:42
As far as I follow, I like it
I have been thinking for a couple of years that we need a "commons" for a lot of the web's data.

Here's a specific: Shouldn't there be a way to point at an ISBN# without pointing at Amazon or one of it's less popular competitors. Ideally, the users could decide where this URN would resolve, but short of that, a commons for books, tunes, comments on web sites, etc, etc would be great.

2005-01-27 22:47:18
A9 made a Virtual Tour of San Francisco today
But I believe my San Francisco Virtual Tour is much better. Well check it out, be the judge!

Igor Polk
San Francisco Click,
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2007-02-04 21:12:30
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