Dealing with large code bases

by Dejan Bosanac

If you haven't already, be sure to read Steve Yegge's post on his experience of dealing with large code bases (it's a bit long post but an excellent read).

He explains the maintenance nightmare of his 500.000 lines of code game written in Java and quite correctly concludes that code size is a crucial problem for big software projects.


2008-01-10 22:22:17
Not so well organized, not so well documented code base and badly designed database schemas are major problems thn large code base

jim wheelan
2008-01-20 03:23:36
Recently I jumped into one of the largest refactorings in my life: refactoring an aging (read evolved) java application (started in 1.4) with approximately 2M LOC + 20 external jars. I estimated it would take me a week, and was off by a week.

The result is that a 2M LOC project is now a 750K LOC project with 23 jars (3 self contained "frameworks" were extracted). I imagine steve could do the same, but it is a lot of mental pain doing this , even with eclipse handling most of the hard work.

I can't imagine doing this in javascript even with 50KLOC, so good luck to him!

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2008-07-10 06:41:08
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