Dealing with Raw+Jpeg in Aperture

by Derrick Story

I've recently been playing with Raw+Jpeg on my DSLRs while testing the new HP Photosmart A626 Compact Printer, which enables me to insert my memory card directly into the unit, view the pictures on its large LCD, then output up to 5"x7" prints. Since the HP (and other direct printers of its ilk) can't process Raw files, I've been shooting Raw+Jpeg so I can have my cake and eat it too.

The problem is, after I've had my fun printing out snapshots, Aperture grabs both the Raw files and the Jpegs off my card during upload and stores them on my hard drive. I'd just as soon Aperture upload only the Raws and ignore the Jpegs -- they've already served their purpose.

If you're shooting Raw+Jpeg for some specific reason and are using Aperture to manage your library, let me know your approach.


2007-09-04 13:29:04
Hmm I was hoping for advise on what to do being the my camera on shoots in RAW+ mode. I'm just starting to use RAW and I have some ideas.

Set up a smart folder for Jpegs. Can list view sort by file type? if so that could work. select 1st jpg, hold shift, select the last. Try out Automator actions like filtering. When I have time (high school started today w/ a minimum day)I might try messing with automator.

Matthew Brown
2007-09-04 13:37:40
I'm wondering if some modification of the Aperture hot-folder Applescript app would work. The default one is at
2007-09-04 13:51:50
I use the automator script "separate JPEGs":

It put all JPEGs in a subfolder. This enables me to import RAWs then JPEGs in my project. After that, I use the auto-stack feature to regroup the "identical" pictures. It works like a charm !

2007-09-04 14:32:06
Never been thinking about this, because I only shoot RAW. But isn't it possible to have all pics in the finder and then make a smart folder containing fileextension .CR2 (in case of Canon) and import that in Aperture?
2007-09-05 11:53:52
When I insert my media card into a card-reader, I copy the entire folder of images (with raw and jpg) to an external drive. Once it is copied there, I delete the .jpg files from the media card, and then I import the raw files into Aperture. Thus, my backup drive still has all of the files (raw and jpg) unaltered, and then Aperture (and Aperture vaults) have the raw file.
2007-09-09 21:48:51
I wish, I really wish, that aperture did a slightly better job with raw+jpeg. Raw+jpeg becomes a critical part of your life when you have a camera that aperture does not support. Yet. One hopes.

Anyway, until I can go back to shooting raw only with my new olympus E410, I shoot raw+jpeg. I have tried dumping all the raw onto an external drive, and importing only jpegs for a quick sort, and save the raw files and a more serious editing session for someday, but the raw files are piling up.

So now I import raw+jpeg, and I do a "generate new version from jpeg" and now I can see the images, and I cull out the duds.

But now I'm stuck with those jpegs forever, and they can get pretty big. Wish I could get rid of them once I don't need them. I wish that aperture would let me delete the jpegs once it can read the raws, I wish that aperture took better advantage of raw+jpeg as an interim solution for new cameras, kept all the metadata, etc.