Dear Dare Obasanjo's Future Intern,

by M. David Peterson

In a recent post to his personal blog, Dare Obasanjo reflects on life during his Microsoft internship,

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Intern Experiences

It's hard for me to believe that it's been five years since I was an intern at Microsoft. It's still fun to go back to read my blog posts about my Microsoft interview, my impressions halfway through the experience and my parting thoughts at the end if the experience. I've started thinking about my internship again because I'm going to be the mentor/manager of an intern in a couple of weeks and I've been taking strolls down memory lane trying to remember the experiences that made my internship worthwhile.

Dare continues,

My favorite experience is the story behind how I got the article Using the ECMA Standards: An Interview with Miguel de Icaza published on MSDN while I was still college and Microsoft had only said negative things about Miguel's Mono project up until that article was published.

I hadn't realized the story behind the story before now. I would encourage you to read it for yourself to gain greater understanding of what I believe was one of the single most monumental turning points in the history of computing: The day Microsoft chose to openly embrace the Mono-Project.

You might have your own opinion, but it seems pretty obvious to me that it is because of the efforts of Miguel, Nat, and the rest of the Mono hacker community, coupled with the vision of the current leadership at Novell that has led to Microsoft's recent embrace of the Linux Operating System, and the OSS communities in general.

From the original article on MSDN we discover,