Dear Microsoft, Please Do Us All A HUGE Favor and Convince Joe Gregorio to Come Work For You!

by M. David Peterson

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Hire Joe Gregorio

Joe Gregorio has a blog post simply titled Hire Me where he writes

As of 10 O'Clock this morning I am no longer employed; being laid off tends to do that to you. The good news is that I can catch up on all those projects around the house, my backlog of articles, my editing of the next draft of the Atom Publishing Protocol, etc. I can even start blogging about the industry I was working in and the company I was working for, but only after I fulfill the requirements of my severance package.

As positive as that all sounds I do have a mortgage and a family, and they like to eat, so I need to find gainful employment.

Please hire me.

If you are unable to hire me please do me a favor and link to this entry.

My resume in PDF format. An HTML version will appear shortly.

I'm not a hiring manager which means I can't hire Joe, so I'm doing the next best thing and linking to his entry and resume. If you work at Microsoft and are interested in a guy who is quite knowlegable about building RESTful services, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone better qualified than Joe Gregorio.

After spending some "quality" time with the Atom Publishing Protocol spec, I have come to respect both Joe and Bill (de hÓra) even more than I did before I found myself wrapped around this gripping work.

Yes, I used the word "gripping" in the same sentence as "spec." The APP spec is well thought through, meticulous where it needs to be, and not where it doesn't. I have come to believe that well written specifications that fill a MUCH NEEDED area of technological advancement speak VOLUMES in regards to the individuals who wrote them. So do poorly written specs, regardless of the their need in the technology space. The volumes they speak, however, are not quite the same as the first set of folks.

Add to this the fact that by convincing a Joe Gregorio to commit himself to a life on Redmond campus would turn more than a few heads. And a lot of those heads are folks in whom taking Microsoft more seriously would bring more than just a *HIGHLY* qualified and *HIGHLY* capable hacker into your midst. It would bring a sense of "Okay, maybe things ARE really changing on campus. Hmmmm...."

In a company who is building their new foundation on "wiring the web with web feeds" I can't think of one other person (who is available) on this planet who could possibly help bring this focus, into focus, faster than Joe Gregorio.

Please do us all a favor and convince Joe to come work for you!

Thanks in advance!


2006-06-21 15:34:39
The easiest way to get this moving is for people interested in working at MS to go to There are currently 640 openings that mention XML, and it's a lot more efficient for the person interested in a job to sort thru to find the ones of potential interest.

Sorry if that sounds bureaucratic, but I have no idea whether some specific person is interested in relocating to Redmond (where most R&D is done), who wants a consulting job (which are scattered around the world), etc.

So, I would STRONGLY urge anyone interested in one of those 640 XML jobs to let us know, ASAP!

M. David Peterson
2006-06-21 18:00:53
Very cool!

What's most cool about this is to hear that there are 640 available positions at MS directly related to XML in one capacity or another.

It warms my xmlhacker heart to see this :D Thanks Mik!

(btw... Mik is a cleverly disguised handle for Mike Champion... )