Dear Psychopathic Challenge-Response Mail System Users

by chromatic

I just love challenge-response mail confirmation systems. "Hi, I get a lot of spam and someone sent me an e-mail pretending to be you. Would you mind filtering my spam for me? It only takes a minute, and if someone's forging your address on spam, I'll totally let it through if you simply respond to this message!"


2006-10-09 08:23:14
psst - you blew an </em>
2006-10-09 10:00:46
This rant, while dead-on and entertaining, seems a bit incomplete? Is there supposed to be more after "I just love" ?

Anyway, spammers use SPF records. But the main point is right on.

Piers Cawley
2006-10-09 13:21:54
I have the policy of always approving challenges for messages I didn't send and generally not bothering for messages I did. (Or approving the challenge and following with a "Ahem! Don't do that!" followup)