Dear Silicon Valley/Northern Cali Geeks, Got Backup Brain's Back?

by M. David Peterson

Now *THIS* is the kind of social networking I can proudly take part in,

NOTE: Yes, I realize this is like two weeks old, but I haven't seen any follow-ups that suggest the case has been solved, so I figured what the heck.

Backup Brain

Yesterday (Saturday) evening, I left my office, walked out to my car, and noticed something missing: the license plate off my car.

Yes, that really is my license plate. Or more precisely, that really was my license plate.

Here's my guess: someone from the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area was in Healdsburg yesterday wandering around the downtown area, saw my license plate, and thought it would be a giggle to take it. It would look great on someone's office wall, and hey, the car owner could just get a new one, right?


The best case scenario involves Tom and I spending many many many hours dealing with this, and ending up (finally) with a replacement plate. The most likely scenario involves Tom and I spending many many many hours dealing with this, and losing the plate forever.

This sucks.

I know a lot of people in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area. I know a lot of Web geeks. The chances are good that whoever ends up with my plate knows someone who knows someone who knows me. So, I'm asking you for a favor; could you please:
Tell your Northern California friends that I'm looking for it.
Tell your Web geek friends that I'm looking for it.
Post a message on your blog asking for help for me to get my license plate back.
If you happen to come across it when visiting tech company offices, help it get back to me.

I'm not asking people to call the police, or to turn their buddies in to the authorities, or anything like that. I'd simply like to get it back. No questions will be asked; no charges will be pressed -- I just want my own property returned.

I got the license plate in 1998, and it's been a cool thing ever since then. I'm frequently stopped with questions about the plate (most recent occurrence: at the library last Thursday), and it has great sentimental meaning to me on top of the geek factor. The shot above, in fact, was clipped from one of our wedding photos.

You know, if we all handled the day-to-day mini-crimes such as this in the same way Dori Smith is handling this particular situation, I would venture to state that by the simple power of social friction, a lot fewer crimes such as this would take place, and a lot less drama would be filling our court systems with the soul-sucking he said/she said crap that we waste *MOST* of our tax dollars allocated for running our court systems.

Of course, this is beside the point: If you happen to see/find/know where Dori's plate is, and/or happen to know anybody in the "industry" (the license plate making industry, that is ;) who can make the task of getting another plate allocated with little to no red-tape, contact information is located at the above mentioned link.


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Interesting comments.. :D
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Interesting comments.. :D