Death and Passion

by James Britt

Reports of the death of Ruby Code & Style have been greatly exaggerated.

I've been the Editor-in-Chief of Artima's Ruby Code & Style for somewhat over a year now. For various reasons, I am stepping down.

Just to be clear, I've had nothing but good experiences helping get the 'zine up and out the door, and have endless appreciation for all those who pitched in and made things happen. It's mainly a matter of time; I cannot give it the attention it deserves.

I expect a formal announcement on this to appear on the RC&S site before long, so I'll the details to that. But I want to at least assure people that that the 'zine has not simply up and died. It continues.

So there is at least one Ruby magazine (albeit online-only) that is around. But people should appreciate that organizing and maintaining a good publication is non-trivial.

Getting and preparing a steady flow of high-quality material is not easy. It's a job. The goal for RC&S was to publish content a cut above what one typically finds in, say, Linux Journal or on most blogs.

That's not meant as knock on those sources, just that there is zero reason to publish one more "How To Write a Blog in Rails" article.