Searchrolls ?

by Andrew Anderson

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I created a RollYo search log called "Dashboard Dev". It's pretty neat and does help a lot in focusing the searches towards dashboard development topics.

RollYo limits you to search entire domains, not individual directories/pages/sections of a domain, so it limits your ability to focus your search in huge multi-topic sites like Apple's. Of course you can game the engine and include the word "Dashboard" in a search. That will make it will find links on Apple's pages about Dashboard, but limits the results from the Javascript and HTML help sites that have information that Dashboard developers would be interested in, but don't specifically reference Dashboard.

Of course Apple's site (or MacDevCenter's for that matter) only have a couple of pages on something like Dashboard, so you don't necessarily have to search those pages, just know the links.

Maybe a mashup of and RollYo would solve the "problem": for the hard links by tag and RollYo for the links within sites that have more and disperse information.