by Tim O'Brien

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If you haven't heard, has been toast for multiple days. Looks likes a confluence of events (and this is a guess based on the blog post): power failure caused RAID to corrupt some files, that corrupted data happened to be a replicated master database, and the slave databases faithfully copied said corruption. Can't fault them for that, but I'm sure they will mark it up as a lesson learned. When you are using RAID, make sure to invest in redundant power supplies and have sufficient battery backup to power down in a controlled fashion. If anyone from is reading this, a detailed forensic failure analysis would be very helpful to the community. Read on for more about my own withdrawl...

Anyone else suffering from withdrawl?


2005-12-19 18:57:27
The last day or so could have been really tough. had become a big part of how I did things.

About a week ago I was thinking how much it would suck if something happened to So a crude wget script was born to backup my bookmarks. It was scheduled to run automatically.

When went down at least there was an xml file with my bookmarks. Between building a stylesheet and looking for alternatives I came across

A half hour after downloading it to the Fedora box it had my bookmarks imported. While Scuttle is not quite I was able to get back to work.

2005-12-19 23:42:24
It's back...
Once again we have bookmarking (
2006-01-10 06:24:56
sustainable internet services
The life time and longterm perspective of free Internet services seems always a bit of a problem. This rises the question why we don't have community supported Internet services with a membership and a fee but without the fear that it will soon become part of another big corporation.
A few more thoughts about this at

Kurt Cagle raised similar questions in his recent article Open Standards and Organic Foods:

It that something we should think about? And try to establish?