Delightful Javascript Libs -- LGPL, Too.

by Sid Steward

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Here are some fundamental, well made JS goodies. From the site:

JavaScript Vectorgraphics Library

Graphics capabilities for JavaScript. Routines to draw inclined (oblique) lines, ellipses, circles, rectangles, polylines, polygons. Elements which actually aren't available through HTML.

Drag'nDrop & DHTML Library

A DHTML JavaScript Library with extended yet easily understandable DHTML API. Provides also Drag & Drop functionality for layers and images ...

Tooltips with JavaScript

A cross-browser solution for javascript-created tooltips (information boxes close to the mouse pointer) that works even on Opera 5 and 6. The appearance of these tooltips can be customized in multiple ways (color, border, shadow etc.). The tooltips may contain plain text as well as HTML, for instance images etc.

Rotate Image

An experimental JavaScript Library to rotate images dynamically by arbitrary angles. Just a demonstration - it's strictly advised against using this unpromising JavaScript experiment on a website!!

I've put these four JavaScript libraries under the LGPL (Lesser General Public License, ). You may use them for free under the terms of the LGPL and of my copyright.

Online Function Grapher

Written in JavaScript. Draws function graphs directly into the browser window - no download, no plugins required.


2006-01-24 20:52:02
I was looking for something like the vector graphics and function grapher, for a scientific visualisation web app.

I didn't want to have to use Java applets. This will save me from lots of Java applet coding, and my web app will load faster!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!