0.10 - Flickr & 37Signals Become Verbs

by Steve Mallett

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Version 0.10 of is complete.

The keyword mantra for what we've done so far has been "simple, simple, simple". It's like the age old adage of business people in meat-space: "location, location, location".

What does 0.01 look like (without you going to peak yourself)?: bookmark tagging, rss everywhere, a currently popular tags list, but we've also added search and importantly private bookmarks. To me these are the five holy-grail ingredients.

On the eve of 10,000 bookmarks there is a transition to be made. While the features are the solid five in simplicity the UI isn't yet a vision of zen-like beauty. While we have begun to make the service a bit more flowery for those visiting... visual design is no substitute for replacing dreadful navigation with ease of use for you techies -and- your mom.

The plan? We want to 37Signals that bad boy, make a study of Flickr's UI, become one with basecamp's ease of use. I bow humbly in Flickr & 37Signal's general direction.

Going forward, 37Signals and Flickr are verbs.

As a webservice that's open to input I value what you have to say, and code you'd like to contribute. If 37Signals and Flickr are verbs for you too by all means join in. With input we'll mold into something you -and- your mom can talk about.