- Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes. Mmmmm, Notes.

by Steve Mallett

Related link: - My latest project. All the buzzwords, in one package!

Blogging, tagging, folksonomies, social bookmarking, and a bit more. And the whole thing is open source.

What's really sweet about this is that you can include a long
detailed note with each post in addition to a one line description. That becomes your blog post.. if you want or just leave it for folks to read.

Please try it out, tell your buds, kick some tires. In the spirit of open source, it ain't perfect, but good enough to do a release & let people poke at it.

More here too.

The source code is open source & in perl if you feel like hacking it up some.


2005-03-24 21:48:04
Is open source?
I was unable to determine this from the website; it was hinted at but not really spelled out.

All other things being equal, I'd prefer to use an open source system. The only thing is, I'd also like to know that the infrastructure is solid, so I know my bookmarks are going to always be available, the system is backed up regularly, etc.

2005-03-24 22:14:03
Is open source?
Open Source: yes.

System: 1 Primary Server (for now), 2nd as backup server when/if needed. Nightly backups of files/db.

2005-03-25 19:19:05
Is open source?
Steve meant to say no, unless you meant to ask about, in which case the answer is still no, but for different reasons. runs software that has not been released to the public. is not its own product, it is running Rubric, which is free software.

2005-03-26 05:54:51
Is open source?
Ahhhhh whoops! is -not- open source., mine, is. As I've mentioned, it runs on Rubric, a Perl program and Perl module, licensed under the artistic license. Same as Perl itself. I've released my templates which differentiate the site, it's a website afterall, as well so anyone who wants to improve the site can work on both.

2005-03-26 05:57:55
Is open source?
Whoops, quite right. is -not- opensource. It has an API you're free to play with. runs on Rubric which is under the artistic, open/free software. I've released my templates as well so anyone who wants to improve the service is free to do so.

2007-01-29 05:25:25
What happened to It seems to have been taken over by some kind of credit card loan company dressed up to look like a social bookmark site.
2007-08-31 17:20:30
Like bookmarking service based on scuttle - an open source system.