Dell's Linux Engineers Start Own Site and Weblog

by Steve Mallett

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I love it when a company lets their employees speak.

Some Linux engineers at Dell have started their own Linux site (on Dell's servers, so it's semi-officially rubberstamped) and weblog to talk about running Linux on Dell hardware.

What's even cooler? Read between the lines: "Welcome to the Dell Linux Community Web. This site is dedicated to providing any information that may be useful regarding your usage of Linux on your Dell equipment. While Dell primarily works with and officially supports Red Hat Linux, many of our customers choose to run other distributions."


2004-02-07 20:48:28
where's the link?

please, post the url.
2004-02-07 20:56:53
where's the link?
Click the URL at the top of the page ( and you will get the full article which includes the URL.
2004-02-09 03:43:52
where's the link?
Do visit the OsDir article. But for your convenience, the Dell Linux Engineers page is here.