Denmark: Land of food-processing and textiles

by William Grosso

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Little by little, the morons are taking over.

A few years ago, when the idea of "deep-linking" and the associated lawsuits first cropped up, I laughed. "There is no such thing as a 'deep link'," I said. "It's all just links."

"And, anyway, what kind of fool puts content on the web, which is pretty much defined by hyperlinks, and then complains when people link to his pages? That's just plain stupid."

But there you have People did just that. Published content, complained about links. And then followed up by filing lawsuits. Finally, in Denmark, a court has decided that linking to other people's pages can be illegal. They've ignored both common sense and the existence of obvious technical solutions in order to prevent people from doing the one thing the web is good at (the thing it was designed for).

What amazes me about this is just how close I am to walking away from this profession. If a decision this stupid can be reached, and if it is upheld, then you've got to wonder: is there any point to creating new and wonderful things? It seems like every time something new and wonderful is created, another 10,000 control-crazed lawyer-happy freaks start filing frivolous patents and hurling injunctions at anything which moves.

P.S. In case you're wondering: the title comes from The CIA's World Facttbook Entry on Denmark. Denmark is not, apparently, a technology powerhouse.

Ever feel like cashing out and starting a farm to grow organic vegetables? Or would the lawyers follow us there too?


2002-07-10 11:43:16
No technology in Denmark?
Quite a lot of things have come out of this little country. I happen to be Danish, Bjarne Stroustrup is Danish, as are Jes Sorensen, Frank Damgaard, Peter Toft, PHK, Jens Axboe, Per Abrahamsen, Henrik Storner, Keld Simonsen. Bang & Olufsen is Danish, so is Lego. And there are all sorts of biomedical and banking stuff that comes out of Denmark as well.