by Anton Chuvakin

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I've been meaning to blog about the Jericho Forum for some time. This article finally did it. To disclose, in general I am very skeptical about the "pay per play" industry groups, especially those charging multiple thousands for a chance to voice your opinion on whatever security topic. So many of them failed miserably to achieve anything, but a chance for CXOs to expense trips to exotic locations.

Jericho seems full of ideas, but so far it is not clear 'what is new' and 'how it will work'. Sure, firewalls are not the only defense most people need. Clearly, the nature and role of network perimeter is changing. Yes, defense in depth is a sound strategy (as have been known for quite some time).

This article summarizes it nicely: "large and architecturally elegant ideas die an ugly, lingering and expensive death. What works is step-wise refinement, the method of successive approximation and the brutal invisible hand of the marketplace."

What I think will happen is that the evolution process will march on towards "de-peremetrization", with or without Jericho on board. Thus, go book those trips now :-)


2005-08-27 21:49:00
Roger Sessions has gone on and on about the need for business in the future to do e-collaboration, and that the companies that will be most successful in the future will be the ones that collaborate most seamlessly.

I was thinking there might be something like the Jericho Forum, but I didn't find out about until reading your article.

There seems to be a minor typo near the end of the article, and I normally wouldn't make anything of it, but when I first thought about de-perimeterization, I was thinking "de-parameterization?!?"