Desktop Developers' Conference in Ottawa

by Andy Oram

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The skilled organizers of the highly respected
Ottawa Linux Symposium
have tagged on another high-octane conference, the
Desktop Developers' Conference.
The desktop conference will be held in Ottawa, Canada on July 18th and
19th, right before the main symposium.

I was very impressed with the caliber of the attendees at the Linux
Symposium I attended (and I will attend again this year), so I expect
that the Desktop Developers' Conference, too, will be a place where
lots of real work gets done. The list of topics reminds me of those
discussed at the X Developer's Conference (see
earlier blog),
which has been hosted a few times by Hewlett Packard's labs. (And
Hewlett Packard is one of the sponsors of the Ottawa conference as
well.) People who want to contribute to the X Window System, to a
desktop, or to an application that runs on these projects, will
probably get a lot out of both the presentations and the informal
interactions at this conference.

The barriers to Linux adoption are probably more in the areas of
conversion costs, corporate politics, and training issues than in the
quality of the desktop. So forums for planners and business people,
such as the Desktop Linux Conference (see
earlier blog),
are helpful to increase use of Linux in that area. But lots of people
(another sponsor of the Ottawa conference), the desktop projects, and
Linux vendors, are trying to work together to make the desktop respond
faster, work on more hardware, support 3D better, and act more
predicatbly from one application and desktop to another. Conferences
such as this one and the X Developer's Conference could remove a lot
of friction and speed up progress.