ETel Coverage: Device Envy

by Moshe Yudkowsky

I'm suffering from a severe case of device envy.

Right now Tero Ojanpera of Nokia is speaking about the new Nokia devices; the N800 wireless Linux tablet looks very nice, and clearly I need one of those. Many of my colleagues are carrying N61's, and clearly I need one of those. And the Neo/OpenMoko open-source phone looks terrific, and clearly I need one of those as well.

Tero just stated that given GPS, cameras, and orienation sensors, and presence notification of your friends, you should be able to (or currently can?) use the camera to pick friends out of a crowd by having an overlay appear over a photo of their location. Clearly I need one of those devices, too.

I often go to my tailor to customize my new clothes with extra pockets and zippers, but I think I may need a wear a harness to carry all the gear that I now "need." This conference is going to cost me a lot more than I originally thought!


2007-02-28 14:01:35
Re: extra pockets and zippers.
Have you tried the Burton eVest? I've never found someone who actually owns one, so I'm hesitant to get some of their products, even when they're on clearance. And the fact that the hoodie has a big silkscreened logo on the back that is basically a big bullseye that you're carrying lots of electronic gadgets ripe for mugging.
Moshe Yudkowsky
2007-02-28 14:11:32
I won't wear something with a logo on it; not even a T-shirt, unless I get an adverising fee, which hasn't happned to date (hint, hint). I also prefer something more tailored and professional looking. The sport coat I'm wearing at this conference has multiple internal pockets with flaps and zippers. I also have a leather vest with custom internal pockets for my fountain pens... but that's not for today's conference.