by Erica Sadun

Apple-love at its extreme. The unpaid programming story of Graphing Calculator.

Why did Greg and I do something so ludicrous as sneaking into an eight-billion-dollar corporation to do volunteer work? Apple was having financial troubles then, so we joked that we were volunteering for a nonprofit organization. In reality, our motivation was complex. Partly, the PowerPC was an awesome machine, and we wanted to show off what could be done with it; in the Spinal Tap idiom, we said, "OK, this one goes to eleven." Partly, we were thinking of the storytelling value. Partly, it was a macho computer guy thing - we had never shipped a million copies of software before. Mostly, Greg and I felt that creating quality educational software was a public service. We were doing it to help kids learn math. Public schools are too poor to buy software, so the most effective way to deliver it is to install it at the factory.

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2006-08-06 20:02:46
this is cool!
I'm 13 and I love that Graphing calc app!
Cool! Thanx Guys!
Jochen Wolters
2006-08-07 04:10:26
If you like the story behind the graphing calculator, you'll most certainly also get a kick out of "The True Story of Audion" as told by Cabel Sasser.