Diagram comparing schema languages for XML

by Rick Jelliffe

The simple overlapping Venn-like diagrams that people use to express the relative power of schema languages can mislead as well as inform. Instead, here's a kind of diagram with shaded edges: light grey represent capabilities that are possible but inconvenient, and darker grey represent capabilities that are possible but only if you organize your schema in a certain way. XSD extensibility is an example of the darker grey capability: unless you organize your (base) schemas properly, you may easily find extensibility is not possible.

Venn diagram of power and capabilities of schema languages for XML, with capabilities only available in some arrangements shaded


Great Diagram
2007-01-06 23:33:48
Great Diagram Jeff.
I'd also like to think the Schematron is bigger than XSD!
Rick Jelliffe
2007-01-07 16:12:14
Thanks! (Who is Jeff?)