Different-colored glasses

by Simon St. Laurent

Related link: http://www.artima.com/intv/xmlapis3.html

Near the end of the first part of his "What's wrong with XML APIs" interview, Elliotte Rusty Harold makes it beautifully clear why developers used to wearing object and database "glasses" may find it tough to work with XML.

"What I've just described is essentially seeing the world through database colored glasses—everything's a table. And yes you could probably figure a way to stuff most anything that can be represented in a computer into a table, but some things fit better than other things. A different version of the same problem is saying well everything's an object, and we can model everything as objects. And that's equally flawed, for different reasons. "

Elliotte has spent lots of time in XML, objects, and databases, and it's delightful to see him explain how those perspectives can change how you work with data.

What glasses are you wearing?