Digg for News: Done

by Steve Mallett

Related link: http://180n.com

The story came out of the bag this weekend about my latest obsession: using collaborative intelligence, a la Digg, to find important, big N, News.

Digg has this down for digg'ing up good tech so we applied the same idea, but to filtering out what is already coming down the pipe from the traditional news outlets. And, man if ever information needed collective intelligence it is big-N News.

Since being "dugg"* over the weekend I've been amazed at the difference between what stories our new readers find important vs the traditional news media. Check out our "Voted Important" list and compare it to CNN, FoxNews, or BBC et al. I'm quite amazed at the difference at times.

The news isn't what CNN deems any more. Visit and vote at 180n.com

You can a bit more history about the project in my last post.

* We weren't quite ready for the spotlight, that's to say not at all, yet so things were/are still messy, but they continue to literally look better every hour.