Digital Forensic Analysis Brought Out the CSI in All of Us

by Derrick Story

In a day that had so many high points for Mac fans, the surprise hit at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference was Derrick Donnelly's Open Source Digital Forensic Acquisition and Analysis on Mac OS X, Tuesday morning after the feature presentations on Tiger.

I was making my usual rounds to all of the session rooms making sure that everything was running smoothly, when lo and behold, they were standing in the aisles for Derrick's session on how to compile and run open source Forensic tools such as SleuthKit, Autopsy, Foremost, Fatback, and DCFLDD on Mac OS X.

It was CSI meets the Mac. When I saw this proposal in the field of submissions we reviewed months ago, I was instantly attracted to it. But I had no idea that so many others here would share my fascination with digital sleuthing. In fact, I was told many times today that I should have given Derrick a double time slot. I agree.

Stay tuned for more highlights in my next report...