Digital Politics: From CivicSpace to Groundswell

by Spencer Critchley

CivicSpace, the free open source community organizing web platform, is migrating to Groundswell, which is essentially the same thing, but with a subscription fee and a promise to shield users from technical challenges. It's not surprising: CivicSpace was impressive, but it seemed to occupy a limbo between open source and consumer software. CivicSpace invited non-technical users by making it easier to build an online political operation. But it was never easy enough, and maybe never could have been, given that just installing it required some minimal familiarity with the LAMP environment. Handling all the ensuing support requests, for free, must have been quite a burden.


Denver Dave
2007-11-01 17:58:28
It does seem like a huge task to install and get CiviCRM running. Any mentors around for good causes?
2007-11-02 08:36:38
Hi Dave,

It has become easier to install and administer CiviCRM but it's still potentially tricky if you don't have some knowledge of PHP, MySQL and web server configuration. There are people in the CiviCRM forums community who will help, and/or people you can hire, or you might want to consider paying for CivicSpace so they can take care of this kind of thing for you.