Digital Workflow of a Semi-Pro

by Allen Rockwell

TinyAllen.jpgAs this is my first blog entry on the Inside Aperture, blog I'd like to use this first paragraph to let you know who I am and what I'm all about. My name is Allen Rockwell, I'm 43 years old and I've been taking photos most of my life. I am not a full time professional photographer, you might classify me as an "advanced amateur" or a "part-time professional". I have a business that pays my bills and allows me to work on my photography either as a hobby or a part-time business. I rather like this arrangement and I think there are some full time pros out there that would probably prefer my situation. I'm an all-around technology geek and more often than not an early adopter to all new hardware and software. I've been using Aperture since the day it was released and have never looked back, I was running software update every few minutes on the day that Aperture 1.5 was released, I ordered my Intel MacBook Pro the day it was announced, I ordered my Canon 30D the day it was announced ... you see where I'm going with this? ... I like my tech toys. While Aperture is a "Pro App", I hope to bring a sort of "regular guy's view" of Aperture to this blog, I want to talk about how a semi-pro or an amateur uses Aperture and how it helps me with my digital workflow.

ISA_Games_150.jpgSo, for this blog entry I thought I'd run through my workflow and describe how and why I do things the way I do. As I write this I am in the middle of shooting the ISA World Surfing Games at Huntington Beach California. The event is a nine day event and we are 5 days into the event. So as this is something I'm actually doing right now, I figure why not use it as an example.


2006-11-03 14:17:09

That's a great first post! Since we haven't gotten to the point of using Aperture yet, I cannot comment specifically, but you do have very fluid writing style that makes it easy to follow.

2006-11-03 18:25:48
Allen: What a terrific adventure you are on. You just keep getting better and better in all that you do. Your photos are more fantastic and more interesting each time I see a new one. Keep up the good job.
2006-11-13 10:38:07

I am really excited about how you sync your Aperture Libraries between two machines, as I am in need of this feature... Any hints on how i can get started?

Thanks, Scott.

Allen Rockwell
2006-11-18 16:37:54

That article will be online next friday (11/24/06).