Digium's ITEXPO Announcements

by Bruce Stewart

Alec has the skinny on Digium's latest announcements which include a new 8-port TDM card, a software-based echo-canceler, automatic purchasing and provisioning capabilities with Polycom in AsteriskNOW, and some new configuration and training options for the Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit. Alec spoke to Digium VP Bill Miller about the announcements, and his interview provides a little more insight into where Digium is going with these. While none of these announcements are particularly revolutionary, clearly Digium is not standing still and it's great to see some real action happening in the Asterisk landscape.

On a related note, Paul Kapustka from GigaOM posted an interesting glimpse today into this landscape and the competition brewing between Digium and Fonality. Paul notes that while it's the enterprise PBX market that everyone expected to get disrupted by Asterisk, it's really the SMB market where the competitive action is taking place right now. I completely agree with Paul's point that about the competition being a good thing for the community overall:

For users, it’s all good since the competition spurs development and makes moving to an IP telephony setup easier and easier.