Ding, Dong, SCO is Dead?

by James Turner

As reported first on Groklaw, it appears that Judge Kimball has ruled in summary judgment on the major point of the SCO vs Novell case, that of who actually owns Unix. Not surprisingly, the answer to that question is not SCO.

While IANAL, a brief reading of the juicy parts seems to essentially say: A) Novell owns Unix; B) Since SCO doesn't own Unix, they can't sue for slander of title; C) Since Novell DOES own Unix and SCO's been claiming they have (and collecting license fees for it...), Novell should feel free to continue their own slander of title claims.

Anyone like to take bets on the current half-life of SCOX? Now on to FUD round 2: Steve Ballmer and the Goblet of Patents.


Richard Chapman
2007-08-10 21:30:54
Why of course Judge Kimball, I like my toast burnt thank you.
Happy Camper
2007-08-11 10:35:41
Can I get a hell yeah?