Dipping my toes into Mercurial, on Mac

by Uche Ogbuji

Update: excellent tip from Eric Larson.

I'm a long-time CVS head, and I recognize CVS is quite showing is age, but I've never had much of a taste for the pundit's heir apparent Subversion. I could go on about why, but I think it all boils down to SVN's not fitting my head. I've been thinking of VCS and hosting options for my FOSS projects, and have discussed some of this in the community. I'm leaning heavily towards Mercurial (with Bazaar a close second). I decided to set up Hg on my MacBookPro so that I can play with it, and so that I can see if I can start doing local work on my machine in Hg and then push to a centralized SVN repo as a bit of insulation from SVN. Herein a few notes on the matter.


2007-08-24 10:38:09
One thing to consider as well is to simply use the ignore files to keep the mercurial/svn details hidden from each other and just commit to the respective system when doing granular commits. When you are just working on it, then work on it in mercurial and when you are ready to commit for the actual release, svn commit.

I have done this with CVS and it is pretty easy, but YMMV of course.

Brian Zhou
2007-08-24 12:00:09
I worked on porting trac + svn to a NAS linux platform once. As I understand, there're at least two separate python extensions for svn. One comes with subversion and is based on SWIG, "import svn"; the other usually called pysvn, "import pysvn". Which one does "hg convert" need?
2007-08-24 17:54:04
I think the one thing that would put bzr over the top is if they gave their docs a little more attention. I've just started with bzr, and I like it, but I keep finding details missing from the docs.
2007-09-09 13:13:47
FWIW, pysvn is not the same thing as the subversion python bindings. The bindings (generated with SWIG) should be distributed with subversion.

pysvn is an unrelated high level interface.

Ivan Jensen
2008-03-09 14:40:08
Thanks for the post, it contained the little bit of information I was missing about installing hgsvn on my MacBook Pro. My SVN repository is importing as I type.

Thanks again,