Disposable Phone Numbers: A Commercial Service

by Moshe Yudkowsky

I may have re-invented the wheel: Tossable Digits uses the same extension-based scheme I proposed. They've got a different business model than I had in mind, they have a different security model than I had in mind, and they don't seem to have some of the other usage-tracking features I've been thinking about — but on the other hand, they have a commercial service you can sign up for today, and all I have are doodles and a demo.

I wish them success, and if you want to use Disposable Phone Numbers immediately, they're the place to go. If you end up using their service, feel free to comment here and let us all know how well it works.


2007-02-15 23:10:27
$2.99/month is not cheap, I've found cheaper 1$/month/number and use it for 3 years already it's http://uwtcallbackservice.com/callme.shtml
2007-02-15 23:28:31
Tossable digits is very close to what I really wanted and waited for many years, but there are 2 problems:
1) why do you limit number of 5-digit extensions ?
2) why do you disconnect after 30 days of no use ?
I like to travel and sometimes I'm on a trip 3-4 months, I don't want my number to be disconnected just because I didn't use it for 30 days. This limitation becomes visibly ridiculous when you use those numbers to keep permanent business contacts that I never have to disconnect due to VoIP or fax spam. See the power of disposable addressing is that it gives permanence. Don't kill that benefit and you will get profit.

I'm still waiting for people to start understanding that simple idea that disposable numbers give permanence of contacts and any service that provides disposable addresses must care about stability and keep those numbers instead of disposing them after 30 days or imposibe any other limits.

I would love to see same service for physical mail addresses as it's being abused more than phone these days.

Feel free to send me email to tossabledigits@emailias.com
It's a good feeling to know that this address will not expire even after 30 days.

2007-02-15 23:54:48
To clarify myself, I want to give unlimited number of differnet extensions to many people thoughout my life and have them active for many years without even one call made. I would give one of those numbers to IRS, one to NYSTax, one to DMV, one to insurance company and I don't expect them to call me every month. What is your answer, expire ? So IRS will have invalid contact phone number ? Bad answer. I will happily buy your service when you stop expiring.
What if I give one of my numbers to my school friend and want him to be able to call me 10 years later ? Expiration is a very bad thing, don't you see it ?
2008-01-14 17:15:06
Service sucks.. Just started up today had to hassle with the number for 30 minutes just to get a voice recording to re-enter the number and I actually bought a paying account