Distributing the Future Podcast - Maker Faire Episode

by Jeremy Jones

I've been listening to the Distributing the Future podcast from the beginning. It's a well produced, informative, thought-provoking podcast which covers a variety of technology related topics. I was catching up this morning on a couple of episodes I hadn't gotten around to yet. The episode that really caught my attention was The Maker Faire.

I'm not a maker. I'm a code junkie. I used to tinker around with things in my younger years. I recall disassembling nearly every toy that I had as I was growing up which could be disassembled because I wanted to see how it worked. And, of course, I would (attempt to) put it back together after I had finished destroying it. I guess I've shifted most of my energy toward code, but I maintain an interest in breaking and making stuff. (In fact, I've been subscribing to the RSS feed for Make Magazinge for a while now.)

As I was listening to the Maker Faire episode, especially a clip where a girl and her dad were talking about their "redneck pool heater", I kept thinking to myself, "This is what I want for my kids. I want to provide them the opportunity to learn how things work and build them for themselves." I guess one of my reasons for wanting this for my kids (currently 2 and 4) is that I see the same disassembling curiosity in my son's eyes (my 2 year old) that I had (have) in my own. I would love for him to have the opportunity to really learn from tearing stuff up and then building it back together.

Make has a section on their site for kids, interestingly under the Maker Faire area. Great podcast. I'm looking forward to more of the same. I hope my kids share my excitement.