Django is the Fastest

by Jeremy Jones

In a web framework performance shootout among Symfony (PHP), Ruby on Rails, and Django (Python), Django came out the clear winner. The results of the study are posted here. I'd love to see an exhaustive analysis like this which includes lines of code and any other (meaningful) code metrics (if LOC is meaningful) and which compares dynamic languages (Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby) against their more static competition (Java, .net).


Aaron 'Teejay' Trevena
2006-07-15 13:18:35

And hello - nobody tried any of the perl frameworks?

Jeremy Jones
2006-07-15 19:01:34
Aaron, which url were you looking for? THe results of the study? The raw URL is and is in the post above.

I guess it didn't really strike me as odd that Perl wasn't represented at all, but now that you mention it, that is odd. It would be great to see the leading Perl web framework in the comparison.

2006-07-16 23:02:37
python is ulti
2006-07-18 21:31:07
I have recently used Django and it has been an ok experience however I have seen TurboGears lately and it really blowned my mind. I mean is a mega framework with Mochikit, SQL Object, CherryPy and Kit as a stack.

Django people community however has been more supportive than turbogears. So I recomend Django better.

2007-06-12 11:50:00
How can someone benchmark frameworks with a "hello world" app? Rails and Symfony are better solutions because they have more built-in features and the last is in PHP5, with more developers and a bigger community.